About us

We are about fifteen year old in children’s book world, aiming at perfection in publishing educational and activity matter for kids. We are trying to spread knowledge through the nearest friend of human being which is BOOK. Our Scientific approach to this particular business will take every body by surprise. We have revolutionized the market by bringing in usual as well as unusual books. We have more than 550 titles in publication and our exports reach far across the globe to countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Vietnam, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Dubai and Fiji.

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Up coming

Colouring Books


Price: Rs.45/-


Price: Rs.45/-


Price: Rs.45/-


Price: Rs.45/-

Smart colouring Book Birds

Price: Rs.40/-

Knowledge Master (P.B)

Price: Rs./-

Knowledge Master Tell Me Are

Price: Rs.395/-

Knowledge Master Tell Me How

Price: Rs.395/-

Knowledge Master Tell Me What

Price: Rs.395/-

Knowledge Master Tell Me When

Price: Rs.395/-

Picture Dictionary

Kid's Picture Dictionary (P.B)

Price: Rs.150/-

Picture Dictionary (H.B)

Price: Rs.225/-

Science Experiments (H.B)

High School Science Experiment

Price: Rs.325/-

Junior Science Experiment

Price: Rs.295/-


Sunrise Junior Encyclopedia (H.B)

Price: Rs.395/-

Sunrise Junior Encyclopedia (P.B)

Price: Rs.350/-